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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

We Are Back!

It's been a number of years since I visited here and lots of remarkable things have happened to The Total Woman show and all the wonderful people associated with it!

First of all...we shot our 300th program this past May 23rd, 2016! It was hard to grasp the event in some ways.  The crew has always been so enthusiastic over the years and our guest list has come to include some pretty darned impressive women!

We shoot an average of 30 programs a year with summers and the winter holidays off. We have such a great time doing it that I am always inspired to find great guests and interesting topics all the time. My family and friend kid me about it all the time!  We go to a lecture or a museum event or the theater and I am always asking the celebrity of the day to come on the show. Believe it or one has ever turned me down!

Now that I am "back" here...I will be beack tracking a bit to tell you about some of the most interesting guests we have had over the past 4 years.  It should be fun!  So stay tuned...because I will be back!

Cheryl Webb Scott

Sunday, December 9, 2012

# 217 "Women in Music...Bessie Smith" with Heather Holland

October 15th, 2012

Heather Holland returns for her second program in our new series, "Women in Music". I am not exaggerating when I tell you that the whole crew was excited about her return!  She has so much enthusiasm about her subjects that we all get swept up in it with her!

Bessie Smith turned out to be a fabulous subject..high energy, very ambitious, unpredictable, a real character, and a set of pipes that will haunt you !

After the shoot, I came home and spent three hours on my computer locating photographs for editing the program while listening to that remarkable voice of hers ...which kept me company til the wee hours of the morning!  It made me realize why I love working on this program so much...every guest leaves all of us with something new to think about...something that enriches our lives and, hopefully, the lives of the people who watch too.

2012..A New Table and our 20th Year!!

I am embarrassed that it has taken me this long to get back to the blog.  Part of the problem is not a problem at all...we have been producing a larger number of programs than ever before and it has been wonderful!!  We have many new crew members in the last year and a half, several editors, and a huge long list of new and returning guests that have made the set a very exciting place to be.

The show has received numerous grants from local Cultural Councils and we have started several new series programs.  After all...once you get a terrific guest that is a real expert in her makes sense to let them "run with it" for a while!  Some of the topics that are getting special attention are...
"Women in the Arts"
"Wakefield History"
"Wealth Management"
"Women in Music"
"Culture and Clothing"...which was awarded three grants
"Women's Health"

One other exciting change has been a brand new, custom designed table for the set. As much as I admire "The Charlie Rose Show" and it's great table and exceptional lighting...we had to accept that our wonderful old oak table was simply too large.  So Peter, my architect husband, volunteered to design and fabricate a new table for us.  What a huge undertaking that was!  Finding a special wood, cutting, sanding, tapering, piecing, measuring and remeasuring, mocking it up for height, width, testing stain samples, and applying many coats of finish.  It certainly was worth his time and is gorgeous!  You can see it's history in the pictures here.  Last is Peter surrounded by his Total Woman groupies, taken on maiden voyage evening shoot with our new table!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

"The Victorian Woman"

#160 "Culture and Clothing...The Victorian Era" September 13, 2010

Back from our summer break and starting off the new Fall Season with the fabulous Brooke Stanton ( our last guest in the Spring Season).
We had decided to do a series of programs about women's clothing how it reflected their place in society. On this evening...we shot the Victorian program and one about the Roaring 20's.
We welcomed a brand new crew member too...Linda Talanian. She spent her first evening with us on camera. You can see her here with Jonathon learning the ins and outs of a studio camera... and she did a great job.
This picture of the set made it clear to me that it is well past time to replace the host's chair...getting pretty seedy looking. It spent the first 50 years of its life in a courtroom so perhaps it is time for retirement.
Our station manager was on hand that evening...but as you can see...she won't be for much longer. Amy is waiting for the birth of her twin sons later in the fall. Since I am writing this in January...I can tell you that she had two healthy and beautiful boys and will soon be back with us on Total Woman shoot evenings.
After a half hour of GREAT talk about the Victorian era and some terrific authentic costumes to view...Brooke decided to fit our Emma with the latest in Victorian wire undergarments. She had a good time with it!
The crew for this shoot...starting with the back row, left to right...Katlyn Doren, Catrina Bruyn ( director), Elizabeth Lowry ( make up artist ), Dorothea O'Regan, Linda Talanian. Front row...Emma Lowry, Brooke Stanton ( guest), Cheryl Webb Scott (host).

Friday, August 20, 2010

"Who needs Calvin & Vera?..We have Brooke!

159 "The Costume Designer" June 14, 2010

What can I say about Brooke Stanton after I say "Fabulous".
I met Brooke at the first year birthday party of my godson, Xander. Brooke was Xander's mom's, Amy, dear friend...have I lost you already? We met at the party and before you know...we were talking The Total Woman! (That's a language well known to all women)! We had such a great time discussing costuming for specific historic periods... designing for the movies and theatre and how clothing told so much about the culture of the time...and just like that...a series was born!

Brooke made her debut with us a few months later and everyone in attendance had a terrific time... learned a lot...had tons of questions...and definately wanted to hear and see more!
So we made plans to insure that we all got our wish.

Now we are looking forward to the next installments when Brooke will be telling us all about the different styles and periods in fashion history. I can't wait! This is one of my all time favorite subjects and I think Brooke is quite capable of making it one of yours too! Be sure to stay's going to be a colorful and exciting ride!

Monday, May 10, 2010

"A Tribute to our Wonderful Sarah"

"Saying Good Bye to Sarah"...Late 1990's to the Present Day

Meet Sarah MacLean...later to be Sarah MacLean DeWitt. She started as a crew member on The Total Woman while she was in high School. She was a quick study and became very skilled very fast. She decided to go into Television Production and went to college to pursue that dream. At first, she wanted to be the next Diane Sawyer...but she soon found her nitch in the control room, behind the camera, and in the editing bay. By this time...she was directing TTW and working with numerous independent production companies while she was in school. Once school was over, she landed a job running the television studio at Brooksby Village in Danvers. The studio wasn't even built when she started her new job..and she make all the decisions that were necessary to get this brand new station up and running...including all the hiring. It was a gigantic job....but she took it all in stride.

Through all this....she continued to be an active member of the Total Woman appointments and Extreme Frisbee matches kept her away at times...but she remained one of the cornerstones of our little enterprise.

Then...a few months ago...she called me to plan a dinner together. We have been getting together for movies, cooking lessons, coffee breaks, and dinners out for as long as I have known her. This one was very special....she told me that she and Jon were moving to California...she had a new job....she was going to be working on "Dancing with the Stars"! Incredible news! And she was leaving in just a few weeks.

The first two pictures here ( if I manage to upload them properly ) are Sarah telling the guests and crew of The Total Woman about her plans...I love that last one...with her flashing that amazing smile!

So, Sarah, this is for you! We all wish you and Jon nothing but the best...because that is exactly what you deserve! We wish you well...we will miss you...and we love you!

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